Troublewit is an amazing origami-style presentation with origins shrouded in history. Using a simple-looking pleated sheet of paper, the performer leads audiences in a series of magical transformations. The variety of shapes formed from such a simple object enchants audiences in an almost hypnotic way.

Various troublewit shapesA precursor to modern balloon twisting, Troublewit is a truly sensual performance origami experience. The movement of the paper and transformation from one form to the next is truly engaging. The flexibility of shape order and opportunity for story-telling make it a natural for the performer looking to stand out from the crowd. Creating so much entertainment from such simple materials is truly enchanting to audiences and reveals the character of the performer. It truly packs small and plays huge…

In recent years, Troublewit have been increasingly difficult (or impossible) to obtain. Andrew Pinard has taken his performing experience and coupled it with extensive research to produce handcrafted Troublewits that stand up to the rigors of full-time performing. Performers in the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Austria, Japan, Puerto Rico, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have raved about the quality and durability of Andrew’s Troublewit.

Troublewit has been featured prominently by many top magicians in their performances for over a century, including:

David Devant, Jay Marshall, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Don Alan, Ellis Stanyon, Augustus “Gus” Rapp, Richard Potter, Jonathan Harrington, Frank Herman, Ken de Courcy, Billy McComb, Abe Hurwitz, Shari Lewis, Dick Stoner, Frank Ducrot, Milbourne Christopher, Topper Martyn, Sid Lorraine, Tom Ogden, Norman Cummins, Jim Reilly, Jimmy Lake, Howard Brooks, Jimmy Trimble, Frances Ireland Marshall, Dell O’ Dell, Patrick Page, Aldo Colombini, Adrian Plate, C. Thomas Magrum, Tommy Windsor, Tan Hock Chuan, Percy Naldrett, Dennis Patten, Tony Griffith, Bob Little, Robert Blake, Pit Hartling, Wittus Witt, and many others…

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