“Andrew Pinard’s Troublewit routine is excellent – really excellent!”—George Schindler, NYC

“Just wanted you to know that your Troublewit arrived safely. You do FANTASTIC work!  I love it.  It’s a quality item for sure. … Thanks, too, for helping me save my Christmas season.  I rotate magic shows every Christmas season and was one effect short till this arrived. … I’ll talk to you about ordering more of these.  I always like to buy spares of magic tricks that I know I’m always going to use.”—Mark Walker, Maryland

“Just wanted to drop you a short message to say that the trouble wit has arrived in Holland and is beautiful.”—Tilman Grünewald, The Netherlands

“Your troublewit arrived. I practiced since a week with it. It’s great and in good quality. I will order some more in the future.”—Marco Nemeth, Switzerland

“Beautifully made! May be back for a black one later on.”—Kevin Cary, Ohio

“Just a short note to tell you how very pleased I am with the “QUALITY” of this item. It is everything I expected and even more.”—Marien Hopman, Ontario

“At last I saw Andrew Pinard fold a Troublewit. I tried it myself before from an old description but simply couldn’t make it work. Seeing Andrew expertly fold one and hearing his tips and tricks made all the difference. I am not that eager to perform a routine with it, but I was curious of how to fold one. Now having seen Andrew do it I also understand that it is for most better to buy one from him … Until you find the right paper, and have the experience Andrew has in folding these, you will have most likely spent more than it costs you to buy one from him.”—Chris Wasshuber, lybrary.com